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L.J. deVet


L.J. deVet has been working on several projects since the release of James and His Boots. His major current work is a new young adult fantasy novel he has been planning for some time, in addition to several picture book projects. This, however, is subject to change, as L.J. deVet's imagination and creativity often sees him working on several projects at once.

L.J. deVet is the author of the children's picture books James and His Boots and Teddy's Christmas Wish, and ALTOR: The Shadow Rebellion, a fantasy fiction novel for teens and young adults, also the first book in The Chronicles of Ageron.


Writing has always been an innate quality of L.J. deVet. All his life, he has been at the receiving end of comments such as "you have a way with words" and "you write beautifully". Although he has always found enjoyment in writing, it wasn't until he was sixteen that he began to write his first novel. Samuel Ryans and the Quest for the Golden Staff was L.J. deVet's first ever project. Although never published, it served as a significant help in the production of ALTOR: The Shadow Rebellion, and by extension, The Chronicles of Ageron itself.

In pursuit of his ambition to become a primary school teacher, L.J. deVet placed his dream of becoming an author on hold temporarily in order to undergo university studies. After obtaining is Bachelor of Primary Education in 2009, L.J. deVet began writing for enjoyment again, and in January of 2012, following five weeks of intensive writing, he completed his first publication ALTOR: The Shadow Rebellion, first novel in the fantasy fiction series The Chronicles of Ageron.

In September of 2013, L.J. deVet decided to take a much needed break from teaching. During his absence from teaching, he wrote his first ever picture book Teddy's Christmas Wish. This publication took him only three days to write from start-to-finish.


Louis spent 2015 working on a new children's picture book, James and His Boots. Based loosely on imaginative adventures he and his cousin embarked upon during their youth, Louis adapted the story to present the limitless imagination of all children; something of which he has been exposed to as a teacher, and something he always strives to nurture as an author.

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