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L.J. deVet's Books

L.J. deVet is the author of the children's picture books James and His Boots and Teddy's Christmas Wish, and ALTOR: The Shadow Rebellion, the first novel in the fantasy fiction series for teens and young adults, The Chronicles of Ageron. For more information about these books, please select your book of choice below.

James and His Boots

Immerse yourself in this exciting tale of imagination, exploration and adventure, following James as he explores the world in the only way he knows how; in his boots, and with his teddy. With his Teddy by his side and his boots on his feet, James can do anything he wants, go anywhere he wants, or be anything he wants, so long as his imagination allows him.

James's boots are special.

L.J. deVet & Diana Hernandez

ISBNs: 9780987368690 | 9780987368683 | 9780987368676

Teddy's Christmas Wish

L.J. deVet & Ewa Zabarylo-Duma

ISBNs: 9780987368614 | 9780987368652 | 9780987368607

Immerse yourself in this inspiring, meaningful, yet entertaining Christmas tale. Written by L.J. deVet, the fun rhyming prose and large, vibrant illustrations by Polish illustrator Ewa Zabarylo-Duma will have children of all ages (including adults) wanting more.

ALTOR: The Shadow Rebellion

(The Chronicles of Ageron)

L.J. deVet

ISBN: 9780987368621

ALTOR: The Shadow Rebellion is the first novel in L.J. deVet's fantasy fiction for teens and young adults, The Chronicles of Ageron. This tale of sorcery, action and adventure is sure to have fans of action-packed fantasy fiction on the edge of their seat!