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james and his boots

L.J. deVet & Diana Hernandez

ISBNs: 9780987368690 | 9780987368683 | 9780987368676

James and his Boots

Immerse yourself in this exciting tale of imagination, exploration and adventure, following James as he explores the world in the only way he knows how; in his boots, and with his teddy.

James doesn't always like to play with the other children. Instead, James loves to play with his teddy, while wearing his boots.

But James's boots aren't just boots. And Teddy isn't just a teddy. James's boots and teddy are special.


With Teddy by his side, and their special boots on their feet, James and Teddy become master adventurers, and explore the world in a way they can't without their boots.

On their adventures...

they can be anything they want,

they can do anything they want,

they can go anywhere they want.


James's boots are special.

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