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teddy's christmas wish


L.J. deVet & Ewa Zabarylo-Duma

ISBNs: 9780987368614 | 9780987368652 | 9780987368607

Immerse yourself in this inspiring, meaningful, yet entertaining Christmas tale. Written by L. J. deVet, the fun rhyming prose and large, vibrant illustrations by Polish illustrator Ewa Zabarylo-Duma will have children of all ages (including adults) wanting more.


A teddy bear sits on his shelf in a store, 

watching as children dash through the front door, 

hoping to be of the few lucky toys, 

that one of the children takes home and enjoys. 


Our teddy bear friend watches on as they race, 

to find the best toy to take home and embrace. 

Saddened by watching how greedy they are, 

our little toy friend’s hopeful dream remains far.

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