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the chronicles of ageron

The Chronicles of Ageron

L.J. deVet

ISBN: 9780987368621

ALTOR: The Shadow Rebellion is the first novel in L.J. deVet's fantasy fiction for teens and young adults, The Chronicles of Ageron. This tale of sorcery, action and adventure is sure to have fans of action-packed fantasy fiction on the edge of their seat!

What does a Sorcerer-Guardian do when his perfect world begins to crumble around him? 


Ajay Samuels, a Sorcerer-Guardian, possesses the ultimate responsibility of protecting Ageron, Earth and the people who dwell within both lands. If that wasn't enough for this fifteen year old, he is also a member of the Altor; a group of seven, separate families, each a descendant of the original seven Guardians who were elected to govern and oversee all of Ageron. 

As significant as these duties appear, there has never been any reason to protect anybody; Ageronian and Earthly alike. Nothing remotely interesting ever happens in Ageron. Even less happens on Earth. Ajay can't help but feel his supposed extraordinary power, apparently the greatest of their kind, is going to waste. 

His world is turned upside down following the most unexpected of encounters with a nemesis he has had few dealings with before, and his perfect world begins to crumble in around him. Dedicating themselves to right what has gone so horribly wrong, and developing their new powers along the way, Ajay and his friends are thrust into a new world of the unknown; a world that brings with it potentially disastrous consequences. 


ONE Sorcerer-Guardian. ONE premonition. ONE chance. 


ALTOR: The Shadow Rebellion is the first novel in The Chronicles of Ageron; a series for children, teens and young adults.

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